Professional concrete floors contractors such as stained concrete Indianapolis recommend not to stain old concrete. However, most experts assure that it’s fine to stain old concrete. If so, then what’s the fuss?

Good thing that you came to today’s blog. All you need to know about stained concrete are briefly listed here. Learn tips on how to stain or restore old concrete. Discover steps essential to staining and what to do if you have old concrete floorings.

The most updated answer to the cost of concrete resurfacing through staining ahead!

Can I Stain Old Concrete?

Do not stain old and damaged concrete directly. Check first and assess the condition of the slabs. You may waste your time applying concrete stains if the slabs are severely broken.

How will you know then? What are the signs of concrete floors badly broken?

Do NOT stain an old concrete if you see:

  • Deep large cracks on the concrete.
  • Slabs are too severely weathered with holes and dents on the surface.
  • Some parts of the slabs are moving or starting to detached off the ground.
  • Too much chipping, cracking that it needs to be resurfaced first.
  • You see a crumbling concrete surface.

How much does staining concrete cost?

Now, if you have correctly checked your old floors and they are ready for staining, the next thing to know is the cost. Of course! A resurfacing job must be worth your penny.

A basic staining job is at $2 to $4 per square foot. That cost requires a simple coating and re-sealing if you have an old slab. Staining jobs for high-end properties will cost around $10 to $22 per square foot.

The total average for staining concrete floors in the Dallas area will be an estimated $3,000 to $20,000. Or it could be less, depending on your design requirement and flooring area size.

Tips for Preparing Old Concrete Before Staining

Tip 1- Clean the surface. Remove all the dirt, mold, stains, mud, etc.

Tip 2 – Strip the concrete floor. If you see signs of severely worn-out concrete surfaces, have them resurfaced first.

Tip 3 – Repair cracks, fill holes and restore old concrete before staining.

Tip 4 – Apply emulsifying sealer to revive the gloss on the concrete flooring.

Tip 5 – Apply a final layer of water-based sealer. It will also help the stinging job last for a long time by providing waterproofing and resistance from other harsh outdoor elements.

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