Are you looking for a way to ramp up the heat on your flooring Indianapolis this summer?

Well, congratulations on considering today’s blog. Here are some summer concrete floor trends you can use in your home this year. There should be something for the interiors, the exterior concrete, like the driveway repair, and the garage and basement.

You only need to be aware of three recent trends that will pique your aesthetic interest!

House overlooking a lake with a spray knockdown texture finish flooring in a front patio

Concrete Floors Summer Trends 2022: Fire Up the Floors With Easy Concrete Resurfacing Ideas

Planning for your flooring tasks is part of being prepared for the summer. The humid weather is ideal for flooring repairs or redesigns and helps ensure materials like coatings and concrete mixes cure on time.

So, don’t wait to discover your best alternatives and ideas for your home with these three concrete flooring trends.

1. Concrete Resurfacing

Decorative concrete floors are a practical way to add aesthetic flair to your indoors and outdoors.

The decorative concrete resurfacing is ideal for use wherever concrete flooring exists in your home. Simply resurface the existing one with one of the following materials:

  • Overlays of concrete
  • Staining concrete for interiors
  • Polishing the worn out exterior concrete floors
  • Refinishing faded flooring sealers and coatings
Grey colored stamped concrete driveway in front of a modern house

2. Floor Coatings Inspired by Nature

The 3D-designed flooring would help you think of images of the ocean or waterfalls. These would be perfect for making your interior floors look like a famous summer destination.

Along with green flooring, here is one less dangerous substance. It’s made of epoxy. It is a low VOC flooring option, supporting sustainability by prolonging the concrete floors’ lifespan. You won’t have to throw chunks of old concrete debris away. By using epoxy flooring, you can restore broken concrete fast. That way, you would not have to harm Mother Nature by saving and recycling rubbish and ruins.

The best thing about epoxy is how quickly it cures and how well it works when the humidity is just right. So, if you’ve ever wanted to attempt to create inventive and realistic images on your home’s flooring, such as the garage and basement floors, now is the time.

3D epoxy flooring with ocean design

3. Going Green With Environmentally Friendly Flooring

wood flooring with a weave basket and a plant

The sun’s warmth throughout the summer reminds you of happier days when there was no rain to keep you inside. Summer also makes you feel more productive. However, one disadvantage of feeling the heat is that climate change occurs, prompting you to care for nature more, plant trees, and go green.

When turning green, you can use this concept to create and design your home’s flooring spaces.

Going green means using environmentally friendly materials when it comes to home repair. As a possibility, you have the following:

  • Cork Wood Floors
  • Floors made from recycled glass
  • Mats made from recycled vinyl
  • Polished concrete has a less chemically gleaming finish.
  • Resurfacing concrete slabs to preserve and recycle them

The sustainable flooring trend would also help you boost profit, especially if you own commercial space. Make nature lovers your target audience and witness how your spaces can inspire others to care for nature too.

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