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3 Crucial Stained Concrete Mistakes to Avoid

Stained concrete is the most preferred method of coloring concrete because it offers a wide selection of color and design options. Whether you plan to do the staining yourself or if you are hiring a pro to do it for you, there are countless ways a stained concrete surface can improve your home and your quality of life. It is, however, important that you understand what concrete staining, how it works, and how it [...]


Why Let a Professional Deal with a Garage Flooring Remodel

Why Let a Professional Deal with a Garage Flooring Remodel It is common to see a garage floor with cracks, dents, stains, and other common concrete issues. If this is the case with yours, you might want to clean it out and make it look and function better. Interested in a DIY? It is absolutely your choice. However, before you do that, take a look at the reasons why hiring [...]


5 Maintenance Tips for Stamped Concrete Surfaces

Decorative concrete is such a nice addition to your backyard design. Although affordable, it is elegant, durable, and long-lasting. But all those won’t happen on their own. In order to keep it beautiful and to make it last longer, you need to clean and maintain it as it should be. The great thing about stamped concrete surfaces is that they require minimal maintenance. But still, here are helpful tips to make sure the stamped areas [...]


Is Concrete the New Standard for Patio Floors?

Concrete patios are becoming more and more popular nowadays to homeowners in the US. This is because as technology advances, the one-trick pony in surface materials has now become the king of decorating elements for patio floors. It has probably overtaken wood, pavers, stones, and tiles in popularity. Its design options have increased tremendously while its cost remained reasonable. This has attracted both residential and commercial property owners in last couple decades. It’s versatility in [...]