Need a business upgrade? Re-opening your business spaces after a long time, it closed down, is a real challenge. But as you take the right steps into giving your brand a new look, the results are rewarding.

Make a fresh start to get your game on top once again. Begin with the floors. Do you know that as the year 2021 opens, concrete materials had dipped in cost? Reports from the leading contractor firm and commercial flooring Indianapolis also had seen this opportunity. So why not take the challenge and resurface your commercial concrete floors.

Decide on what is the best style, design, and character you like your new space to carry. Read on. Only four trending flooring concepts to consider to restart today!

aesthetic office space with chairs and a glass window

4 Popular Floor Concepts for Your Business Space

1- Polished Concrete Floors

The grey spaces are in! It may at first look dull, plain, undesirable. But with eh right resurfacing techniques to use, you can transform the drab floor into a stylish, adaptive, and efficient piece in your spaces.

Grey floors come in neutral colors. A classic grey is easy to pair with other motif and various pieces of furniture. Make it turn heads when you apply clear floor coating on it. Or employ polishing to the bare concrete to make it shine and reflect light.

2- Light Emitting floors with Epoxy

Today, a flooring trend that you do not want to miss out on doing is brightening up a room. A clean and well-lighted place attracts an audience. Families who decide to eat out will look for cozy, clean, and bright dining. Offer your business space a smart solution to turn the space around and let some light in. 

You can achieve a calming, inviting dining space if you apply clear epoxy coating on the concrete flooring.

3- Eco-friendly and Sustainable Floors

You can expand your target market when you renovate your business space with sustainable floors. Trending eco-friendly floorings are listed below:

  • Wool Carpet
  • Berber Mats
  • Linseed Floorings
  • Recycled Cork Floors
  • Glass and Rubber Flooring

These flooring trends are made from natural raw materials. Plant-based linoleum is practical and provides efficient slip resistance and waterproofing. Cork and carpeted floors provide a comfy feel for the feet. That will make your hallways and rooms comfortable to walk on and soundproof as well.

4- Colorful Spaces with Colored Concrete

One way to make practical changes on your concrete floors is with simple coloring, dyes, and staining. It is useful because once you have concrete in your commercial floorings, you o0nly need resurfacing techniques to beautify them. You wouldn’t need to take out old damaged slabs if they had happened. Cracks and chipping floors can be resurfaced with a thin layer of an overlay. Or if thin creases exist, you can stain it—no need for complicated repairs.

hotel function hall decorated in gold and white motif
Closing Thought

You can DIY coloring and other resurfacing. But to achieve quality results, your local concrete contractors are just blocks away for you to have them revamp your business spaces. Trending commercial concrete floors are your starting point. Get that business back up again as you restart this year. It is never too late.

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