When it comes to providing comfort, safety, and efficiency nothing else “takes the floor” but concrete! With that being said, you want the concrete floors Indianapolis always looking at its best. Choosing the right materials to combine with the grey surfaces at home will help you strike the perfect balance between style, comfort, and practicality.

But before you decide on what type of accents and furniture to design your interiors, you must begin bottom-up. Start looking at the floors. Then let today’s post guide you with tips and facts to consider when redesigning the floors.

Top Residential Flooring Ideas to Achieve Style and Practicality

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Dressing up with style without taking out some cash is a real challenge. That’s true for your homes, too. Try these practical ways for you to spruce up your interiors and exterior using budget-friendly and sustainable materials.

1- Seek for Sustainable Materials

Let’s talk green. Have you heard of the green movement? Green living inspired products use less-chemicals, plant-based, and save resources. So, your well-loved concrete has been part of this ever since.

Now, most homeowners believe that eco-friendly products break the bank. But, as you get to access and use these items, you then find out that they indeed, save a lot of your resources. LED lights, for example, you bought it once, but you have been using them for years. Furthermore, it has been cutting your energy consumption, making you pay less than your traditional bulbs and lamps.

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So, here listed for you are eco-friendly, sustainable materials you can add to your home:

  • Cork Flooring. It is made of recycled hardwood cuttings. Cork is flexible and provides an even, soft surface. Make your homes look neat and eco-friendly with cork steps.
  • Recycled Glass overlays and countertops. Glass shards cut into smaller, tinier pieces can be processed into overlays on concrete and other floorings. These are efficient ways to reduce the manufacturing of more glass and tiles.
  • Polished and Refinished Concrete Flooring. Cut wasted concrete slabs by avoiding replacement. Refinish and restore your old slab’s perfect shape with polishing.
  • Linoleum Mats. These are plan-based mats. Lino flooring is made from linseed oil extracts, creating glossy, flexible, and slip-resistant mats over floors. These give chic and cozy designs for your homes, too.
  • Wool, Knitted and Berber Mats. These are materials that can add warmth and sound, and waterproofing to your concrete floorings. These last a long lifespan, as well.

2- Get Creative Treatments for Concrete Floors

Decorative resurfacing exists for ages. It has been providing cost-efficient and time-saving flooring improvement. You can style the floors with quick staining, epoxy coating for customization, or stamping for your outdoor concrete.

Get to know of your decorative floors below:

  • Acid-stained floors for rustic style.
  • Stained, Dyed, and Polished floors for a minimalist, stripped style concrete.
  • Epoxy Sealing for reviving the glossy, seamless surface
  • Stamped concrete for realistic stone effect for outdoor spaces.
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3- Budget-Friendly, Designers-Inspired Themes

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Next in this list are ways to recreate the spaces that do not need you to get your bucks out.

  • Stripped Concrete: Create a light space with light work when you stripped down your walls and floors into grey, bare surfaces. No paints are needed. It matches your taste for minimalist designs.
  • Whitespace for Calm: A neutral flooring can go well with any color and any texture. Acid-wash the floors to create a mottled, cloudy surface. This will make the illusion of vast space when you accent the room with white and pastel furniture.
  •  Gender-Based Interior Design: Masculine feels efficient, practical, and light for your pockets. Thinking of less intricate and straightforward materials like grey sofas, door mats, and wooden accents is a breeze. It also makes you try going out of your gender-biased preferences when trying something out-of-” your”-ordinary.
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