Stained concrete is the most preferred method of coloring concrete because it offers a wide selection of color and design options. Whether you plan to do the staining yourself or if you are hiring a pro to do it for you, there are countless ways a stained concrete surface can improve your home and your quality of life. It is, however, important that you understand what concrete staining, how it works, and how it is applied. One mistake can alter the expected result and no one wants a botched stain job on their floors. Here are common mistakes that you and your installer must avoid at all costs.


Unstainable Spots on the Concrete Surface

Before you decided to stain a concrete surface, it went through times of dog pee, spilled wine, and even oil leaks. Some stains are difficult to find and will only show up when the concrete stain has been applied. The challenge isn’t in getting rid of the stain but locating it. One method you could try is to spray the concrete surface with water before proceeding with the staining job. The water darkens concrete and the areas where the stains are at will be visible. Target those areas, make sure the stains are out before applying the concrete stain.

VOC Exposure

A lot of the traditional concrete stains contain a high level of volatile organic compound or VOC. Prolonged exposure to its vapor could trigger respiratory and cognitive issues. The amount of vapor a stained concrete surface has would only fully dissipate after a year. Imagine a year of inhaling dangerous VOC without even knowing it. If you do decide to stain, choose a more organic option or anything that is free of VOC.

Concrete Sealer Issuesconcrete-staining

The sealer is meant to serve as a protective barrier against harmful elements, not just to make the stain colors richer and shinier. However, there are times when the floor starts to encounter issues right after the sealer is applied. The problem isn’t really the sealer. The issues could be symptoms of a concrete surface that has not been properly prepared. Make sure to prep the concrete surface by cleaning it, removing stains, applying proper repairs, and making sure that there are no moisture issues on it or underneath it.

With proper preparation and application, a stained concrete surface can be a worthwhile investment. Just make sure that these crucial mistakes are avoided so you can enjoy a stunning concrete surface for years to come.

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