concrete driveway floor with a lawn


Most property owners opt for a concrete driveway because it is a practical choice. Right after installation, a contractor may already suggest about sealing the driveway. This involves the use of a sealant that is specially formulated for use on concrete. There is a possibility that concrete sealing would incur additional charges but here are notable reasons why it is nothing compared to the benefits it provides:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics

Sealers come in a variety of gloss levels. So, whether you want something flashy or a bit more on the subtle side, there is a sealer for you. Another way that sealers can enhance the look of a concrete driveway is that there are types that could make colors darker and richer. If you have just recently stained or dyed the driveway, the sealer can enhance the color better and the added shine will make the surface look clean and brand new.

  • Improved Durability

Concrete driveway sealing is meant to protect the concrete from harmful elements. A sealant fills the pores of concrete, thus, decreasing, if not totally eliminating, its natural porosity. This keeps dirt and any liquid from penetrating the slab and ultimately wreaking havoc within. The sealer is an added protective layer to the concrete driveway. It is resistant to most types of damage. It does, however, need to be resealed every couple of years to maintain its efficacy.

  • Extended Lifespan

Since sealing the concrete driveway makes it more durable and resistant to damage, it is but natural to conclude that it could significantly extend the lifespan of the driveway. If the slab lasts longer with zero to minimal repairs required, it helps save money and helps relieve you from any stress that a damaged driveway would have otherwise caused.

  • Higher Resale Value

The concrete driveway plays a huge role in enhancing a property’s curb appeal. It is often the first thing that neighbors and passersby see so it is often a basis for determining the value of a home and the credibility of the owner when it comes to structure and maintenance. If you do plan to have your property appraised, whether you are planning to sell or just need info regarding its resale value, a sealed concrete driveway is an influential factor. Buyers would be immediately smitten once they are greeted by a driveway that looks good and performs well.

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