Making choices for our children is always daunting. Especially choices for the home where we’ll raise our kids. Parents are wary when it comes to choosing concrete for their home’s floors. The hard and cold surface of concrete makes some parents worry if it is safe for babies and children. Some opt for carpeting or wood floors instead. However, in this article, we will explore why concrete is the ideal material for kid-friendly floors.


Concrete Floors Are Hypoallergenic

Worried about triggering allergies or asthma? You can avoid these by choosing concrete for your flooring.
Carpets have fibers and wood floors have crevices where dust mites and other allergens can get stuck to. Polished concrete floors won’t trap allergens. With that being said, concrete flooring is actually a safer option. This especially applies to children with respiratory issues such as asthma. Chances of triggering allergies are also reduced with concrete floors for this very reason.

Concrete Floors Are Hygienic

Polished concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain. Spilled applesauce, juices or oatmeal can easily be cleaned by simply wiping it off the floor. The need for harsh chemical cleaners is reduced because you’ll only need warm water to sanitize the floor. Polished concrete does not trap moisture that promotes the growth of mold and bacteria. Forget about contaminating toys and food, or chemicals that may harm your child.


Concrete Floors Can Be Slip-Resistant

One of the main concerns of parents when it comes to concrete floors are slip and fall accidents. That’s a problem that’s fairly easy to address. Anti-slip treatments can be added to polished concrete floors. This means that you won’t have to worry about slip and fall accidents. Your toddler can freely crawl, walk or run without slipping. As long as you keep sharp and fragile items out of the way, they are good to go. Taking necessary precautions certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Concrete Floors Can Save Your Money

Okay, so this one is more for the parents than it is for the kids. A growing family requires saving money to sustain daily necessities. Concrete floors can save on energy consumption and utility bills. How so? Well, it has thermal qualities that make it effective for heating and cooling. Not only that, polished concrete floors have a light-reflective quality that will add brightness without extra lighting.

Reap the benefits of concrete flooring. Decorative concrete applications are available to help you achieve your ideal concrete space. If you want to know more about your concrete floor in Indianapolis, visit our homepage. Read through our blogs for more articles and check out our services.